Wedding Packages

Congratulations on your engagement. At Paradise Ranch we recognize that your wedding day is one of life's most memorable moments. Our staff at Paradise Ranch would like to extend congratulations to you and your parents on this most exciting occasion. It is our goal to help make your wedding day special and leave an impression that will last forever. In todays busy, every moment full, lifestyle, take the time to slow down and enjoy the romance of this joyous occasion. Ride in a beautiful carriage with the love of your life for some quiet time alone before the reception, or invite the whole party to help you celebrate. We will help make your wedding a truly perfect experience.

We offer private first class horse drawn carriages to fit all occasions. Whether it is for the rehearsal dinner or the day of your wedding we will work with you to fit your plans. Our staff is creative and particular about every detail to ensure excellence. Our passion for perfection will show when our staff arrives. You will be escorted on your special day by a carriage driver, a coachman and a butler all dressed in tuxedoes and top hats ready to serve you.

We are proud of our Percheron Draft Horses disposition, elegance and grace. Whether you choose one horse, a team of horses, white or black horses, you will be impressed with their beauty and discipline. All of our horses are accustomed to crowds, horns, cameras and travel well along side traffic.

Create a lifelong portrait of your wedding by choosing to be carried away in a horse drawn carriage. Please call us for a free consultation appointment to create this truly unique experience.

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